Explore all best services from Terralogiq. We experienced in Geomarketing, Asset Management, Asset Collaterlas System, and tailored development for Location intelligences, Geospatial, and Mobility solutions for your business.

What We Do?

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geomarketing solution


Incorporates location influence on marketing in order to improve the odds of a particular message reaching the right consumer at the right time.

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asset management system solution

Assets Management System

Centralised way for you to monitor and manage your businesses’ assets. Manage them from one central point, and increase productivity and efficiency savings within your department.

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asset collateral solution

Asset Collaterals

Leverage automation and efficient workflows, manages and tracks your company assets. Growth opportunities through access and capacity to do more trades.

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custom solution

Custom Development

Analyze and map your existing data and plan into actionable insights visualized on your rich, interactive dashboard, so you can get to the “where” as well as the “why”.

location intelligence

Location Intelligence

Delivering insights from location data to answer spatial questions. Analyzing location data as an integral part of a business progress.

geospatial solutions

Geospatial Solutions

Geospatial technology is used to collect, analyze and store geographic information. Combine maps and datasets about environmental events and socioeconomic trends.

mobility solutions

Mobility Solutions

Mobility solutions are here to simplify delivery times and maintain schedules. Provides an agile solution for the business by drive efficiency and optimized performance.

What We Do?

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Geomarketing helps company to work more efficiently and expand in the most favorable sense, looking for the best areas where the business will work better and achieve an expansion and an increase in profits from data information and tools that provide the Location Intelligence.

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Managing the assets in your operation will help make your business more structured. Monitors and maintains things of value within a business. Adopt an asset management plan, develop, operate, maintain, upgrade and dispose of your assets cost effectively.

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To help mitigate operational risk, detect and aim your Asset locations, hold information and their status. Read asset liquidation value, liquidity, physical condition, and quality of collateral. Allows you measure credit exposure and optimize collateralization

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Gain new levels of insight to your existing mapping solution by adding location tracking features, real-time data of nearby locations and even latest street-level pictures of your locations.

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Analyze and map your existing data and plan into actionable insights visualized on your rich, interactive dashboard, so you can get to the “where” as well as the “why”.

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Integrate your mapping solutions with our mobility solution and instantly track your employees, assets, or even receive real-time reports including pictures and videos from your mobile workforce on the field.

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How We Do It?

We assist our clients to understand how Google Maps Platform Technology and our own Geospatial solutions can solve their operational and business issues.
support and account management

Support and Account Management

service implementation

Implementation Services

training and workshops

Training and Workshop

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